The fantastic Android cellphone 2023

Apple may additionally have without a doubt kicked off the smartphone era, however Google-powered Android telephones nonetheless dominate the market – specially outdoor the US.

That’s no shock when you think about the vary of special producers producing Android handsets throughout a big unfold of prices, which means there’s possibly an Android out there to enchantment to simply about any taste.

Samsung is through a ways the largest Android producer in the international market, and US shoppers will additionally be capable to pick out from Motorola, Sony, OnePlus, and of route Google’s very own Pixel phones. Outside North America there’s even greater opposition from huge Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and more.

That potential there’s lots of range out there – some distance extra than you get from the handful of iPhones launched every year. Android customers additionally have the choice of novel structure elements like the wave of new foldable telephones hitting the market proper now, led via Samsung however with opposition catching up.

Since Android is so open, it’s effortless to go between brands, so simply due to the fact you presently use a Samsung you shouldn’t experience the want to stick with it. Even if you’re presently an iPhone owner, it’s simpler than ever to change from iPhone to Android, so don’t let that put you off.

Here at Tech Advisor we independently check every smartphone absolutely so we can convey you the very satisfactory choices at any given moment. Clicking thru to our in-depth critiques will help, as we have distinctive benchmarks, check photography, and more. These are our ten favourites proper now, however maintain checking returned as we replace this listing regularly.

Best Android telephones 2023
Buying recommendation for Android phones
Which model of Android is the latest?
The modern day model of Android proper now is Android 13, which launched in late 2022. However, it regularly takes some time for Android manufacturers to replace their phones, so many telephones launched in 2022, and even some more cost-effective 2023 models, will nevertheless be strolling Android 12.

Do all Android telephones run the equal software?
Yes and no. They all run Android of course, however there are versions inside that. Every producer tweaks Android to produce its very own model – regularly known as an ‘Android skin’.

For instance Samsung telephones run One UI, OnePlus telephones are on OxygenOS, and Xiaomi telephones run on MIUI. Phones that run software program shut to Google’s personal are regularly described as walking ‘stock’, however in fact even the Google Pixel telephones run their very own special spin on the software. Each of these affords a special aesthetic and a vary of precise features, so you ought to constantly attempt and study a little about a brand’s software program earlier than you commit to a phone.

It’s additionally necessary to understand that now not each and every Android smartphone receives equal updates. Every producer guarantees a distinct variety of updates for their units – typically separated into Android function updates and protection patches – and usually speakme greater costly telephones are supported for longer than more cost effective devices. At the time of writing, the exceptional manufacturers in this regard are Samsung and Google.

Which specs rely the most?
With extra Android telephones out there, there are additionally greater specs to pick out between. There’s no hard-and-fast rule about what things most, so alternatively assume about your priorities.

Do you care most about speedy and easy performance? Perhaps you prioritise longer battery life, or quicker charging speeds? Maybe a succesful digital camera is the major aspect you seem to be for?

Most Android telephones will provide some mixture of the above – and greater – however there will usually be sure specs the place they compromise. Deciding on your priorities is the first step in choosing a phone.

Are Android telephones higher than iPhones?
This argument has waged for over a decade, and it won’t stop any time soon. For now, let’s simply say that every has its advantages.

There’s greater range in Android phones, giving customers a lot extra desire – which include uncommon preferences like foldable telephones or gadgets designed for gaming.

Certain hardware aspects additionally have a tendency to be higher on Android. The majority of contemporary Android telephones charger quicker – frequently a lot quicker – than even the cutting-edge iPhones, and speedy refresh charge shows have additionally emerge as common. Look to the honestly pinnacle cease and you’ll additionally discover that by way of and massive the excellent digicam telephones run Android, even though Apple nonetheless has the area when it comes to recording video.

On the different hand, Apple’s cautiously managed ecosystem capacity iPhones regularly have fewer bugs and inconsistencies than Android devices, and there’s a stage of polish to each the software and hardware that few Android competitors match. Apple’s long-term software program aid additionally outstrips even the pleasant of Android.

Why isn’t each and every Android telephone on hand the place I live?
This is a intricate question, and each producer procedures it differently. If you stay in Europe or Asia, you’ll possibly discover that most – albeit no longer all – Android telephones launch the place you live. Markets like Africa and South America get a barely specific selection, whilst in North America there are solely very few brands, with nearly none of the Chinese manufacturers.

Ultimately every producer has to figure out which markets will be worthwhile for them, which comes down to a mixture of market sizes, neighborhood regulations, and the electricity that networks have – in the US, for example, it’s the strict manipulate carriers exert that maintains most Chinese corporations out.