iOS 16.1 bug that arbitrarily drops Wi-Fi has iPhone homeowners tearing hair out

It seems that iOS sixteen.1 features a bug that is inflicting Wi-Fi connections to become terribly flaky for iPhone and iPad users, a minimum of going by various reports on-line.

As MacRumors (opens in new tab) flags up, the matter consists of random disconnects of the wireless affiliation once change to iOS sixteen.1, a difficulty that users across Twitter and Reddit ar repining concerning, and people on Apple’s support forum (opens in new tab) too.

Some affected individuals (opens in new tab) say the matter will present itself frequently, like disconnecting (then reconnecting) each ten seconds around (which would, of course, be massively frustrating).

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Or this (opens in new tab): “Was look NBA and also the stream was fine as it’s hardwired on ATV4K. however my iPad and iPhone lost Wi-Fi access. and that i was many feet from the router. it absolutely was weird as a result of ISP had no problems. Rebooted router and every one was sensible.”

And so this (opens in new tab): “I have this issue and it’s super inconsistent. Things like my browser can still work however Zoom/Google Meet/etc. finish off unless I disconnect from Wi-Fi and simply do the decision on 5G.”

Analysis: A frustrating bug, however there ar potential workarounds
Between the randomness of the disconnects and also the manner issues ar enjoying go in slightly completely different manners, this can be a weird one.

Also note that some users observe that this flaw was stoning up within the iOS sixteen.1 beta – that wouldn’t be excessively shocking, tho’ you’d hope this could flag it to be fastened – or maybe before with iOS sixteen.0 in what seem to be rare cases. So, if the sprite has cropped up before, iOS 16.1 looks to possess created things somehow worse.

With any luck this can be one thing Apple is wanting into as a priority, however within the meanwhile, there ar some advised workarounds.

The most ordinarily theorized cure is to forget the Wi-Fi network, then add it back – some say this works to resolve the matter, however others indicate it didn’t build any distinction for them. It’s value a whirl, though, if you’re facing this specific Wi-Fi problem.

Another theory we’ve seen (opens in new tab) is to move to Settings / Privacy & Security / Location Services / System Services, so switch the Networking & Wireless toggle.

It’s not clear precisely however huge a difficulty this can be, however there appear to be a worrying quantity of complaints around this, thus hopefully, associate degree Apple investigation into these Wi-Fi woes can proceed fleetly.

Meantime, fingers crossed that one among the mentioned workarounds can hold you over, tho’ very similar to the disconnections themselves, whether or not or not they work looks to be rather random.