Apple’s saving satellite feature might be returning to your iPhone fourteen in another update.

One of the most important announcements to emerge from Apple’s iPhone fourteen launch event concerned the company’s likely groundbreaking Emergency SOS via Satellite feature – but up to currently, we’d detected precious little or no regarding once it might very arrive.

In a new support post (opens in new tab) (H/T MacRumors (opens in new tab)), Apple says Emergency SOS via Satellite “will be obtainable with AN iOS sixteen computer code update returning in Nov 2022.” iOS 16.1 unrolled at the top of Gregorian calendar month, and iOS 16.2 is predicted to launch in Dec, therefore it follows that the life-saving feature may arrive with iOS sixteen.1.1 within the returning weeks.

iOS 16.2 and iPadOS sixteen.2 betas area unit already move into the wild, and that we grasp that Apple is making ready to roll out a fix for a persistent Wi-Fi bug that’s been plaguy plaguy fourteen customers since the launch of iOS sixteen.1. For our cash, then, Emergency SOS via Satellite can arrive on the iPhone fourteen aboard this impending computer code patch.

To jog your memory, Apple says the new feature can assist you contact emergency services underneath “exceptional circumstances” once no alternative means that of reaching these services area unit obtainable. If you’re outside the vary of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, your iPhone can connect you to the assistance you would like – or try and, a minimum of – via satellite.

The feature is returning to all or any four iPhone fourteen models – as well as the iPhone fourteen and, iPhone fourteen professional, and iPhone fourteen professional GHB – tho’ solely within the U.S. and North American country to start with. It’s expected to roll move into alternative countries towards the top of 2023.

Emergency SOS via Satellite on iPhone screen

Apple says Emergency SOS via Satellite are going to be unengaged to all iPhone fourteen users for the primary 2 years following its launch, that suggests the feature may demand a subscription fee or per-use payment by the top of 2024.

Messages sent through Emergency SOS via Satellite may reach their destination in mere fifteen seconds, Apple claims, however only if “a direct read of the sky and also the horizon” is gift.

Messages processed “under trees with lightweight or medium foliage” would possibly take over a moment to send – however hey, if you’re move into the geographic area with a broken leg, one-message-a-minute is healthier than no messages the least bit, right?

Hopefully, we’ll be ready to take a look at Emergency SOS via Satellite on iPhone fourteen for ourselves – safely, in fact – once the feature goes live later this month. within the in the meantime, inspect our report on the ‘incredible’ repairability of the iPhone fourteen professional, and our roundup of the most effective iPhone fourteen Black Fri deals live straight away.